Pressure Washer FAQs:

Pressure Washer FAQs Georgia

There are a lot of pressure washer FAQs Georgia and a lot of question answer that arise in your mind everyday.

A pressure washer, also known as a power washer is a useful tool in removing loose old paint, mold, mud and dirt from buildings, houses, driveways, and sidewalks. Trust Pressure Washing Oakwood or Pressure Washing Suwanee to not disappoint you.

A basic pressure washer consists of a motor that drives a high-pressure water pump, contains a high-pressure hose and utilizes a trigger gun-style switch. It is similar to a garden hose, yet unlike a garden hose, a pressure washer creates high pressure and velocity. Pressure Washing Oakwood or Pressure Washing Suwanee understands the best practices on the market available.

There are different types of nozzles available depending on the application. There is the triangular plane/ fan pattern, and another type that emits a thinly pointed strong stream of water that spirals around rapidly in a cone pattern. The higher the flow rate on a pressure washer the lower the amount of pressure that is being outputted.

There is an option with some types of nozzles to allow detergent to be uses as part of the water stream, this assists in the cleaning process. Pressure Washing Oakwood or Pressure Washing Suwanee will make use of the proper chemicals to treat the problem. There are two types of chemical injectors that are available. A high-pressure water, when used in combination with special chemicals, will aid in the removal of graffiti. It is best utilized when the water is hot. Sometimes sandblasting, as graffiti removal, might be used on really tough graffiti.

A word for the wise is that washers can potentially damage surfaces. Water can be forced deep into bare wood and masonry, leading to an extended drying period. This can also hinder painting and sealing efforts if the surface is not completely dry. So it is advised to use a trained professional to get the job done right so that you can improve the appearance of those surfaces that are important to you.